What will treatment be like post Covid-19

Until further notice there will have to be a telephone consult to assess if it is safe and reasonable for both practitioner and patient to have a face to face consultation. The aim is to make assure both parties that they are clear of any symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone who has symptoms.  Screening will all ensure the need for a treatment is necessary and safe at this time.

If it is agreed that a face to face consult is necessary, then an appointment will be arranged as soon as possible.

I will wipe all doors handles and wipeable surfaces in between each treatment. There will be no towels, couch covers or pillows. I will be wearing PPE as recommended by the Institute of Osteopathy to meet current guidelines, these include disposable apron, disposable gloves and disposable facemasks.  The apron and gloves are changed in between each patient.

Please arrive at the clinic on time, but not too early as I need to give the clinic at least 20 minutes aeration in between each patient. The reception area is not available for seating and please do not bring any other person to the clinic.  Hand sanitiser is available in the reception to use or the bathroom is available with soap and water if you would prefer. I would appreciate it if you could bring a face mask with you as per current government guidelines.

On a case by case basis we can assess the best way to treat in the most comfortable way for you.

How we can help

Persistent Pain
Persistent Pain

When someone injures themselves, specific nerves recognise this as pain, which in turn triggers the body’s repair mechanism. As the problem resolves, the pain tends to improve and usually disappears within 3-6 months. This type of pain could be argued to be beneficial: if it hurts, you are likely to try and avoid doing whatever it is that has caused the pain in the future. Occasionally the pain continues even after tissue healing has finished. When pain continues after this point, it becomes known as persistent (or is sometimes referred to as chronic) pain.

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Poor Posture

Computers, long hours, smart phones. All part of current everyday life. Aching neck (next neck) stiff shoulders, head aches. All part of everyday life. Osteopathy can help. Come for a 15 min free consultation for more information.

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Difficulty Breathing

Osteopathy can offer assistance by working on all aspects of the breathing mechanism, including the ribs, spine, diaphragm and other muscles of breathing. This will improve the overall breathing dynamic of that individual, improve the circulation and assist in reducing symptoms. It must however be understood that this is not a replacement therapy for Asthma suffers and medication prescribed by your Doctor and it is not recommended to stop with other forms of treatment.

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What we offer

What our clients Say

have seen various different people to help me with my back. Guy is the only practitioner to have really addressed the root cause of the problem. I can call him if I am in pain and know that it will be sorted in one or two sessions, and the occasional 'MOT' maintenance treatment means that" Patrick, Corfe Castle


Corfe Castle
I had been struggling with my abdominal exercises for a while and my personal trainer suggested seeing an osteopath which I hadn’t thought of as I didn’t really have problems at any other time. I went ahead anyway and Guy was recommended to me. I was amazed at how much better I felt after just one treatment. He has really helped me (not only with my back but with other aches and pains) and I now see him regularly. I can’t recommend him highly enough! Lynn, Swanage


Guy is amazing! My back had felt locked up for years but after just one treatment from Guy I could feel it starting to move again. It has got progressively better each session and last time he was able to treat my knee too. That had been painful since my childhood and now feels so much better that I no longer notice it. I wish I had discovered osteopathy and Guy in particular a long time ago!” Kate - Poole


Guy was fantastic in quickly establishing the cause of my long term lower leg pain. An x ray confirmed his diagnosis that I had an arthritic hip but Guy's gentle treatment and sound professional advice has helped me cope & continue to remain active. I am now waiting for an operation but at least I know what the problem is and that it is being dealt with in the best possible way. I wish Guy well & have no hesitation in recommending him to others” Kevin - Wareham